b-to-v is both venture capital firm and a leading investor network. To our members, we provide an incomparable deal flow, in the form of lead- and co-investment-opportunities, collaborative investment processes and access to a unique network of like-minded entrepreneurs. To companies we are a reliable partner when it comes to capital access, entrepreneurial intelligence and professional support.

How to reach out to us

Throughout the year we receive more than 2,000 business ideas.



The best way to reach out to us is through a person we both know. Our direct network consists of over 200 entrepreneurs and private as well as institutional investors.


Conferences & Events

b-to-v organizes and attends several public as well as private events, where you can get in touch with us personally.


Contact us

Although we prefer to get to know you personally, you can reach out to each team member directly by sending your business idea in form of a one-pager.


Our Investment Focus

Each idea that reaches us gets reviewed by a member of our investment team. In order to be reviewed more intensively, your idea should fit into the three dimensions of our investment focus.

Why b-to-v is different

The b-to-v network consists of entrepreneurs who are willing to put their capital and expertise at the disposal of your company and are able to make the difference when it comes to the success of your business. It gives our members the opportunity to exchange their ideas and opinions about investment opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs that have specific expertise according to their different backgrounds.

After having passed our screening process, the most promising ventures
are being presented to our investor network via one of the following means:


b-to-v organizes frequent video or telephone conferences during which entrepreneurs present their companies to investors.

Video Meeting


We keep very close contacts with our members. After having screened a company, we often present it individually to a few selected investors for their feedback and expert advice.



Every quarter, we organize personal meetings with our investors in Zurich, Hamburg, Munich and Berlin. These meetings always feature both, live company presentations and investor networking sessions.

Investor Talks


Coming soon.


Due Diligence & Investment

After having agreed on a partnership in principal we do conduct our due diligence, structure the investment and wire the funds.

Here we go!

Although the fund raising process can be time consuming and exhaustive, the investment is only the beginning of our journey to success. At b-to-v, we try to help you both as investor and friend in the following areas.

Growth1-Follow-up Financing

Follow-on Financing

We usually invest only a part of our total commitment in a first investment round. If the company develops well we are happy to follow on with further investments and invite our international friends and institutional VCs to support the founders on their way to expand their business.



b-to-v and the lead investor stay in close contact with the portfolio companies and try to participate and help wherever they can. The foundation for that is regular and transparent information about the current status of your company – regardless if positive or negative.


Cooperations / Exits

In addition to our personal network we maintain close relationships to our multipliers and large corporations as potential acquirers.



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