FAQ Investors



What do I have to do in order to receive investment opportunities from b-to-v?

Thank you for your interest in b-to-v! Please contact Alexander Stoeckel either by phone or email about becoming a member. Please understand that in order to receive information about investment opportunities, you need to be an accredited investor according to SEC Rule 501(a) of SEC Regulation D and have signed a non-disclosure agreement with b-to-v. Moreover b-to-v will only share deal flow and investment opportunities with its members.



Who can become a b-to-v Investor and who can become a member of the b-to-v Circle of Investors?

Any interested investors can become a b-to-v Investor if they meet the basic requirements (see above) and are approved by b-to-v.

You can only become member of the b-to-v Circle of Investors through a recommendation of another member or through a direct application to b-to-v and an interview. Existing members of the b-to-v Circle of Investors carry a veto right regarding the admission of new members to the club.



What costs can an investor expect?

Costs vary depending on the services the investor requires:

  • A membership as b-to-v Investor starts at EUR 2’500 p.a..
  • For each investment managed by b-to-v, we charge a management fee of 2.0% p.a. and, if the investment is exited successfully, a carried interest of 20%.
  • For deals made available through b-to-v but not managed by b-to-v, we charge a one-time investment fee of 5.0%.

For more details on pricing and services, please contact Alexander Stoeckel for a copy of our general terms and conditions.



Do I have to become a b-to-v Investor in order to invest through b-to-v?

No, you can also become investor in one of the b-to-v Funds. For more information regarding the funds, please contact Alexander Stoeckel.



How do investors invest in a company?

The degree of engagement depends on the respective role of the investor:

  • Lead Investor – Keeps close contact with the company, represents b-to-v in the dealmaking process, may take a seat on the board of directors and tends to be among the largest investors within the b-to-v syndicate
  • Co—Investor – Invests in the company, brings in knowledge and network as requested by the company

The b-to-v funds and investors will always invest as a syndicate, so that only one position on the cap table will indicate b-to-v’s involvement in a company. This structure also reflects the communication channel: the company will only have contact with the Lead Investor and the b-to-v team, but not with individual investors on a regular basis.



Do I get involved in the investment process?

As a co-investor, you will receive a monthly report about the companies you are invested in. We provide you with important figures, an evaluation written by the lead investor as well as our “traffic light” assessment. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly/semi-annual conference calls with the lead investor to answer any specific questions you may have. In addition, if you have specific ideas about how to assist any of the portfolio companies, please do not hesitate to contact Alexander Stoeckel.



To what extent is it possible for me to contribute my know-how into young companies?

There are many ways for companies to benefit from your knowledge and skills.  If you take the role as a lead investor, you might take a seat on the board of directors of the portfolio company and interact regularly with the founders. As a co-investor, you can participate on conference calls and directly share your knowledge and experience with the young company.



What are lead investors and co-investors?

Normally, transactions are conducted by syndicates of various private and institutional investors. The lead investor takes on the role of a primus inter pares, following the structuring of the investment closely and taking on an active part in the board of directors after the closing of the investment. All other investors involved in the transaction are called co-investors and interact with the portfolio company through b-to-v and the lead investor.



What is the average ticket size per investor, per deal at b-to-v?

Generally, a b-to-v Investor invests between EUR 50’000 and EUR 2m per deal. The amount depends on the capital requirements of the company and the investment appetite of the investor. Individual companies can raise between EUR 500’000 and EUR 20m depending on the characteristics of the target companies. Lead investors are generally the largest single investor in b-to-v transactions.



How can I apply for a Job at b-to-v?

Please send your application letter plus CV to bewerbung@b-to-v.com.