FAQ Ventures



What does the investment process look like?

On the basis of the documents you submit to b-to-v, we will evaluate the fit of your company with our investment strategy. In any case, you will receive a feedback from our Investment Team regarding our evaluation of your business.

If your company meets our criteria, we invite you to an interview in one of our offices in St. Gallen or Berlin or to present virtually or in person to our members. If a member is intersted in investing in your company, b-to-v will start the due diligence process, and eventually negotiate a term sheet with you. After signing the term sheet, we begin drafting the investment contracts. Finally, the investment is notarized.



How long does the investment process take?

The duration of the investment process strongly depends on the collaboration of all involved parties. The experts in the b-to-v network and we at b-to-v can close a round within 1 to 3 months.



Do you help me with the preparation of my business plan?

No, we do not.



In which branches does b-to-v invest?

Two general remarks; 1. We are industry and market opportunistic, i.e. we are keen to invest in growth companies in all industries and markets. 2. We are early stage investors, i.e. we are happy to invest in the seed phase, in highly innovative companies, and in the growth phase in companies execute proven business models in mature markets.  In other words, if your concept is really outstandingly innovative and a potential game changer, we are happy to invest very early on.  If on the other hand, your concept targets a mature market, e.g. ecommerce or photovoltaic technologies, and is „simply much better“ than your competition, then we will invest based on this competitive advantage.



In which regions does b-to-v invest?

While b-to-v is interested in promising investments from all over the world, it is primarily focused on German-speaking Europe.



Are there any costs for me as an entrepreneur?

No, there are not. b-to-v will only charge its members and funds.



Which role does b-to-v take on after a capital increase?

The role of b-to-v depends on the development phase of the financed company in question. It can be very active when dealing with start-ups but might become more passive when dealing with mature companies. b-to-v wants to assure a smooth and efficient flow of information between you, the lead investor and the co-investors. To that end, we collect the information for, prepare and circulate regular reporting on your company. Our network is also able to assist you with the recruitment of top-notch managers and partners. We also are at your side for the later investment rounds and other capital measures.



What volume can b-to-v cover?

Generally, a b-to-v Investor invests between EUR 50’000 and EUR 2m per deal. The amount depends on the capital requirements of the company and the investment appetite of the investor. Individual companies can raise between EUR 500’000 and EUR 20m depending on the characteristics of the target companies. Lead investors are generally the largest single investor in b-to-v transactions.



Do private investors always insist on a seat in the board of directors?

The lead investor normally takes on a role in the board of directors. In practice, the development phase of the company as well as the experience of the co-investors is also considered.



How do investors invest in my company?

The degree of engagement depends on the respective role of the investor:

  • Lead Investor – Keeps close contact with the company, represents b-to-v in the dealmaking process, may take a seat on the board of directors and tends to be among the largest investors within the b-to-v syndicate
  • Co—Investor – Invests in your company, brings in knowledge and network as requested by the company

The b-to-v funds and investors will always invest as a syndicate, so that only one position on the cap table will indicate b-to-v’s involvement in your company. This structure also reflects the communication channel: you will only have contact with the Lead Investor and the b-to-v team, and not with all individual investors.



Where do I send my business plan?

Please send you business plan by email only to info@b-to-v.com.